The success of a video presentation is largely dependent upon the planning and pre-visualization of the project. Understanding the goals or the presentation, who the audience is, how the show will be delivered and how it will be viewed is all information that determines how to blueprint the video.

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Getting this component right is what sets The Production House, LLC apart from other video production companies. The Production House, LLC staff has the experience to listen to you and understand what goals and objectives you have for your video. The result is... you can be certain that goals and objectives of your message, whether they are to instruct, entertain, or to motivate will be on target.

Much of that confidence comes from the fact that The Production House, LLC has been designing video presentations to fit a wide variety of formats since 1985. We manage video projects from the brainstorming of ideas for the proper format to writing scripts to surveying sites for location shoots, and anything else that will help to prepare the way for efficient, economical and successful completion of the next steps in the process... Production and Post Production.


The Production House, LLC produces in High Definition Video (HDV) allowing for the finest video quality available today. We also have the ability to shoot, edit, and publish in Standard Definition Video if your project or delivery systems requires that.

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On Location

Location Video can be accomplished in a simple single camera "news gathering" or "film style" production or as a full on-location multi-camera production, and anything in between.

In Studio

If your project requires a full multi-camera studio, we have the resources to produce, direct, and deliver that, also.

Equipment and Experience

Having the right tools for the job is important, but equally important is knowing when to use what tool, and why. A full complement of cameras, audio components, lighting gear and grip equipment makes up production kits that The Production House, LLC takes into the field. Additionally, we make certain there are backups on hand for all location shoots. Most importantly The Production House, LLC staff has actively produced video presentations that have spanned all types of video productions:

Single Camera Film Style and News Gathering Productions
Multi-Camera On Location Shoots
Multi-Camera In Studio Productions

And these styles have been implemented to produce:

Commercials, Music Videos, Talk Shows, Documentaries, Point of Purchase Videos, Promotional Videos, Training Videos, Product Introduction Videos, Made for TV Video Magazines, Video Press Releases, to name a few.


In Post Production The Production House, LLC uses the latest in MAC hardware to drive today's most current software in creating eye catching graphics, enhancing your sound and editing your video presentation.

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Depth and Versatility

The Production House, LLC operates two MAC quad core edit stations to insure that your video presentation will not be delayed in post. Each station is equipped to work with SD and/or HDV video content. Each station also is equipped to capture video content from a number of different video formats: Broadcast Betacam Sp, Sony DVcam, S-Vhs, Hi8mm, 3/4"u Matic, and standard VHS, as well as extracting digital content from your DVD's.

We have more than 15 terabyte of storage in hi speed operational hard drives. For clients and on-going projects that require isolation, we dedicate hard drives exclusively to your content.

Resources and Sound

A wide variety of music tracks from copyright free selections are available for you to choose from. And we have the resources to have original music produced for your video presentation.

Raw Footage

The Production House, LLC,also, makes available to you an extensive selection of stock video (HD and SD footage, photos, and animations to enhance any existing footage you may have or we may shoot for you.

The Production House, LLC also has an extensive stock footage library of its own that is derived from more than 25 years of location shooting in a wide diversity of venues.

Professional Talent

We can deliver professional talent for "on camera" and voice work.

Guidance and Experience

For clients who are producing their own shows and need direction and help in the post production or publishing process, The Production House, LLC has the tools and the experience to help you create a professional video presentation from your raw footage and assets, and then publish that video to DVD, Video tape, YouTube, and any number of social media venues.

Video camera
Video camera