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The Production House has been producing creative quality video presentations for a diverse group of clients since 1985.

The majority of our work has been concentrated in New Jersey's Ocean and Monmouth Counties, but The Production House, LLC client list also includes prominent organizations, businesses, and institutions in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Corporate Promotionals, Instructionals, Commercials, Made for TV Programming, Sizzle Reels, Audition Reels, Seminars and more: The Production House staff has over 25 years of experience in producing effective professional video presentations. Please take the time to check our Portfolio.

26 Years of Visual Storytelling

In Production

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"Off the Menu": Giamano's Restaurant

This clip is a short excerpt from a pilot for a series of shows that take a look at some of the more eclectic restaurants in New Jersey.

Giamano's in Bradley Beach NJ serves up some of the best jazz and blues on the Jersey Shore to go along with their unique organic Italian faire and list of fine wines.

Produced by: The Production House, LLC

Written and Directed by: Tom DeAngelis

Host: Toni Leonard

Cameras: Tom DeAngelis and Sal Moccardi

Music: Patrick Karwin

Editing: Tom DeAngelis